Week 5| GSoC’21 | OpenMRS | Coding Period

This blog describes my work in my last week 5th July — 9th July 2021

In continuation to my 4th week, I was also working on the few things that were left in the previous week and some new work was also assigned to me. They are explained in detail below.

Fixing design issues in patient registration

As I mentioned working with Dennis Kigen on fixing design issues on the patient registration page. The work done are as follows:

  1. Adding Breadcrumbs
  2. Fixing the structure for the form as per the mockup designed.
  3. Add space below the form.
  4. Changing the label of postcode

Improvements in Active Visits Widget

After my work on active visits widget was merged, I was given some suggestions and added some by myself.

  1. Improving UI according to the design standard
  2. Added search bar to filter rows.
  3. Added links to the patient chart.

Suggestions to add more:

  1. Showing visit summary on expanding a particular visit.

MF-641: Adding patient to a patient list modal

I was assigned to work on the patient list modal, whose base structure was completed by Mr. Nikita and I added the components and fetching of patient lists according to the design which was completed by the end of the week. The particular complete designs are as follows:

I would love to thank Dennis Kigen, Jonathon Dick, Florian Rappl and Nikita for helping me out and supporting me in every step in the previous week.


Signing off

Vineet Sharma