Week 3 | GSoC’21 | OpenMRS | Coding Period

This blog describes my work in my last week 21 June — 25 June 2021

Week 3 of my coding period was a slow week for me as I was asked to work on some pending tickets and I wasn’t able to do much this week to be honest. I’ll be working with more dedication and enthusiasm in my 4th week.

In my week 3 of coding period, I worked on the ticket MF-536 and am also working on ticket MF-638: Fixing design issues in the patient-registration page.

On 25th June 2021, Grace cleared my blockers for the ticket MF-615: Active Visits Widget, and I am starting my work on this and will complete by Thursday, 1st July 2021 for sure. Along with that I’ll be working on MF-638: Fix design issues in the patient registration form.

I would love to express my gratitude and thanks to Mr. Dennis, Mr. Jonathon Dick and Ms. Grace for their constant support during the last week.

Thanks Everyone!