Week 2 | GSoC’21 | OpenMRS | Coding Period |

This weekly blog is to update my work status for the 2nd week of coding period of GSoC 2021.

The 2nd week of GSoC’21 at OpenMRS, I was directed to check upon some tickets from the JIRA Tracker.
At the start of the week, I assigned myself the ticket MF-634, to fix color issues in the navbar and MF-578, to highlight the left nav page section in the patient chart.

At the start of the week, I tried setting up the esm-core repository, but due to my mistake, I wasn’t able to set it up properly and wasted 2 days on it. After that I tried working on MF-578, which I tried solving, but was stuck and after getting help from the senior developers, I got an idea about how to solve.

My Pull request on the MF-634 was merged, but my work on MF-578 is still work in progress.

Last week, I was a bit busy in my personal issues and hence I was not so much focused on the work and I am really regretful about the same. I really apologise and assure that this will not repeat again.

Signing off.

Vineet Sharma