Week 1: June 7 — June 11 2021

This blog is the progress report of the work done in the first week of the coding period.

Continuing to the progress of the Week 0, the first thing I did was to check out from Nikita, about the progress on the Test Results extension he was working on. He said it’ll take 2 days.

Then I started to finish the remaining design work and pushed all the changes. Nikita also worked and implemented the test results with my widget. After everything was finished from my side, I did a small meeting with my mentor Dennis and he looked out the widget and suggested some changes, to which I quickly responded and completed. Along with that, there were some changes requested on my PR from Florian and I pushed all the changes.

In the end, I had a small meeting with Ciaran, so that he can checkout all the UI for any suggestions in design. He was all good with the work and I finally pushed the changes from my side. As soon as Nikita completed the test results, my PR was finally merged into the master and this work came to end.

I gave a demo on Thursday to the whole MF squad and they were all happy with my work. I was given some suggestions and I thought of doing it.

Then JJ directed me to work on the active visits widget(MF-580), to which I started, but when I talked to Ciaran, he said that the designs are pending and it’ll take time to be built and then the work

This is how this week came to an end.

I would like to thank Mr. Jonathon Dick and my mentor Mr. Dennis Kigen for all their support during the week.

Signing off.

Vineet Sharma