Week 0: 31 may 2021–4th June 2021 Progress

This is a progress report on my work regarding the Past Visits Widget. It’s named week 0, since I started work before the coding period.

Hello Everyone!

Since we were given an option to start work in the Community Bonding Period, I opted for it and started my work on developing the Past Visits Widget.

Ciaran provided me with great designs to build. Along with that, Jonathan Dick provided me with an overview if the widget. He helped out me in discussions regarding which endpoint I should go with, the FHIR response or the REST response. In the end I decided to go with the REST response because it was structured better as per the requirement.

I first designed the structure for the list of encounters in the visit. After that, I made some internal structure changes when it came it to developing the Visit Summary. I developed the sections for Diagnoses and Notes.

For the Medications tab I took the inspiration from the already made Orders tab in the patient chart.

By the end of the week, I was struggling to create the Test Results content tab, to which I contacted Nikita, who developed the test results section in the patient chart. He suggested me to use an Extension Slot in there, which he’ll be developing in the few days. After the meeting, I tried to finish the remaining part and all the design specific missing things were added.

This came to the end of the week.

I would love to thank Jonathon Dick and my mentor Dennis Kigen for all their help during the week.

Thanks Everyone.

Signing off.

Vineet Sharma