Community Bonding Period at OpenMRS

What all happened during the community bonding period at OpenMRS

Hello Everyone!

I am here to discuss about my experience in the Community Bonding Period at OpenMRS. If you don’t know about me or you, I’ll give a quick introduction. I am an undergrad student at NIT Hamirpur and I am selected for Google Summer of Code 2021 under the organization OpenMRS. If you want to know more about my journey to GSoC, you can read my last story in here.

The results were declared on 17th May 2021, Monday. After the results were out, everyone congratulated me. I contacted my mentors and thanked them for giving me an opportunity to work with them. After the personal messages, I wrote a thankful message on our slack channel to all the developers who have helped me in every way in the past few weeks.

Every Thursday, we have a weekly meeting where I and a fellow mate were welcomed onboard officially by our GSoC admin and then we gave a small introduction to all present in the meeting. We were given an option to start the work if we want to, before the coding period starts, which I opted to, since I didn’t want to get lagged behind the team. Since a few institute exams were pending, as soon as the exams completed, I organized a meeting with my mentors. We had a small introductory session and then we all discussed upon how we will be communicating on a weekly basis. I also started my work on the Past Visits Widget, which was to be completed under my project Clinical Data Management.

As we reached the end of the community bonding period, a Social Hour was organized by the community where we 11 students selected and our mentors were welcomed and we had a small fun session all together.

By the end of the community bonding period, I had a really great time to enjoy meetings and had almost completed my work on the Past Visits Widget, which I will be discussing in the next story, which will be posted asap.

I would love to thank all the members at OpenMRS and all the developers to guide me and all my fellow mates, and also for such a smooth and exciting onboarding. Thanks Everyone!

Signing Off.

Vineet Sharma.