This story describes my whole work done during my coding period of 10 weeks with OpenMRS under Frontend Squad.

Project: Clinical Data Management

Mentors: Mr. Dennis Kigen | Mr. Donal Kibet | Mr. Burke Mamlin

Who am I?

I am Vineet Sharma, a student at the National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, pursuing an Integrated B.Tech + M.Tech Dual Degree and will be post-graduated in 2022. …

This blog describes my work in my last week 2nd August — 6th August 2021

In the end of week 8, I was directed by Mr. Jonathon Dick to work on building the patient list detail and was provided with a design. I started working on the frontend part, and completed it by the mid-week. I also implemented the endpoint fetching to fetch the patient list details and patient list members.

The problem occurred in patient members fetching was that sufficient information about the patient was not provided. Since my institute also started the classes, I was equally busy in the same and hence couldn’t complete the work in this week.

I would love to thank Jonathon Dick and Florian Rappl for helping me out and supporting me in every step in this week.


This blog describes my work in my last week 19th July- 23rd July 2021

In continuation to my previous week, I worked on the Patient List Modal and completed it in the span of the week. Since some work on the new Modal were done concurrently by Nikita, I had to do some re-structuring of the modal view but it was completed in due time. Along with that I did some CSS changes to the new modal built by Nikita.

Vineet Sharma

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